Synthetic Phage Platform

Transforming Antimicrobial Therapy Through Synthetic Biology

Phages, natural predators of bacteria, have been in an uninterrupted battle for millions of years — evolving to kill or evade. These powerful natural phages can be purposely engineered to be more efficient killers. The use of synthetic biology tools enables Armata to precisely engineer natural phages in ways that further improve their pharmacological properties and antimicrobial activity. Engineering natural phages may broaden their host range, minimize resistance and improve efficacy through the expression of beneficial moieties such as biofilm-degrading enzymes.

Armata is harnessing its proprietary synthetic phage platform to develop targeted therapeutics for the treatment of various multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.


Phage Discovery and Phenotyping

Development of synthetic phage products that target a specific pathogen begins with the isolation of powerful natural phages from environmental and clinical samples. Armata’s large library of multidrug-resistant pathogens (e.g. ESKAPE pathogens) and microbiome targets aids in identification of the optimal phage candidates for downstream engineering.

DNA sequence

Bioinformatics Powers Engineering

Armata employs next-generation sequencing, proprietary sequencing databases and software, bioinformatics, and comparative genomics, for the analyses of our phages.


Engineering Phage to Confer Desirable Properties

Depending on the target pathogen, identified natural phages are engineered to enable desirable phenotypes such as wide host range, payload expression, biofilm degradation, resistance prevention, and bioactive peptide display. Engineered phages are evaluated both in vitro and in vivo to determine pharmacological and toxicological parameters to confirm their potential in the clinic.

prescription bottle with a phage on the label

In-House Formulation Development and CMC Capabilities

Armata has developed and acquired highly skilled process development and phage manufacturing expertise to manage its proprietary platforms with proven capabilities from the bench to clinic. Our research and development facilities are equipped with cGMP manufacturing suites enabling the production, purification, and testing and release of clinical trial material.