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Recruitment Fraud

Beware of Recruitment Fraud

Fake job advertisements are increasingly appearing on the internet and on social media. Following a few steps will help you to identify fake job ads and protect yourself if you suspect a scam.

How to identify a fake job ad:

  • If the job offer requires you to pay something then this is certainly a scam.
  • A legitimate company will never extend an offer without a personal interview or interaction.
  • If you receive an offer for a job you did not apply for it is fake.
  • Watch out for badly written emails and be suspicious of any emails not coming from an official company domain for example
  • Always check the website address to ensure that it is the official url of the company.
  • If you found a job on a job board or third party channel, always check on official company channels (website & social media channels) to ensure that the job exists.
  • Listen to your instincts, if you suspect it to be a scam, it probably is.

How to protect yourself if you suspect a scam:

  • Never give personal and confidential information
  • Never pay for anything
  • Ignore it
  • Report it to the company and the authorities