STAMP Platform

Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptide (STAMP) Platform

Armata is the worldwide, exclusive licensee from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) of the STAMP (Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptide) Platform.

STAMPs are designed by mining bacterial genomes for targeting domains that confer pathogen-specific killing activity. An antimicrobial peptide is then linked to the targeting domain allowing the antimicrobial activity to be directed to a pathogen of choice within a microbial community. STAMPs drive reengineering of the human microbiome by selectively eliminating targeted pathogens that drive microbial dysbiosis; healthy flora are preserved offering long-term protection from recolonization. This targeted approach represents an enormous improvement over broad-spectrum antibiotics that indiscriminately kill both beneficial and pathogenic bacteria.

STAMP platform proof-of-concept has been demonstrated with C16G2, a STAMP targeting dental caries, advancing through several clinical trials, including Phase 2 clinical trials conducted under a US IND. Administered as a topical product, C16G2 kills S. mutans, recognized as the major causative agent of dental caries (tooth decay/cavities). These studies demonstrated an acceptable safety and tolerability profile of the drug while demonstrating a selective reduction of S. mutans in the oral cavity. Given the length and cost of pursuing a large pivotal Phase 3 trial, we elected not to proceed, and instead seek alternatives to lower STAMP cost of goods, which includes C16G2 expressed in a synthetic S. mutans phage.

We plan to seek partners to continue the development of C16G2.